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Subject: An ultra-compact Blog!
  Welcome to my blog! Stay tuned and HORNY!!!!
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Date: April 9th, 2005
From:,,, and you know my yahoo addy ;)
To: Fandom


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in chronological order


(09/12/05) phewwwwwwwwww, finally I got something new to show ;) ha ha ^_^

If you only bookmark this page, you've probably noticed that I haven't updated this page for awhile. No, I'm far from giving up my website. But I did change a few things around here e.g. a new redesigned home page, and I am working on updating all other pages. The new home page links with new pages under new URLs. Just go to and check out my new designs. You are welcome to show me love, wish me luck, buy my stuff ( and send great wishes my way *kiss* *kiss*    

Celebrating my b-day in Hawaii ^_^

(post Hawaii 9/12/05) seeing double

I'll be in Waikiki for my b-day in August YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I CAN'T WAIT eeeeeeeeeee

ck out my gift wish list on my bio page he he :D

so where's your favorite spots in Hawaii? tell me tell me tell me tell me all the juicy in my yahoo group or just email me

*muah* *kiss* *humuhumunukunukuapua* :P

Meet Me Live in Person - @ the Score Club, Downtown Los Angeles on 06/18/2005

>>>>> 8 pm - 4 am <<<<<
Direct Zoomable Map Click !
[ Yahoo! Maps ]
Club Phone is 323-588-8898

My trip to San Jose - eeeeeeeeeeeeeee *_*

(4/9/05) I went up for a minor cosmetic surgery! Wellllllllllllll, let's just say, on Tuesday 4/5/5, I said to EVE, "biatchhhh, take back your f**king APPLE!" Get it? ha ha :D

The surgery center

as usual, I am paying attention to pointless things *_*

That's how I look "right before" the surgery he he ^_^ nahhh The truth is I look so hideous sans makeup and contact lenses, I decide not to scare small children with the "right-before" picture :)

Anyway, post-surgery downtime was relatively minimal. So I decided to pay Stanford University a visit the next day. The campus was huge and very beautiful. And since I was on Vicodin, the visit to Stanford was painless & a no-brainer, so to speak ha ;) But I must say, old scholars can be so perverted...

*comfort is key for post-surgery fashion*

some pics from the Opening Night of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week - taken on 03/15/2005

(added 4/9/05) I went with my friend Jeff :) We had such a great time - those free XXX pink libations they served there were wicked. I was mildly drunk throughout the night, but I needed no mood-enhancing supplements since Yeah Yeah Yeah was there to perform! They rock! "luv em"

NOTE - i'll leave the pages the way they are rt now !!! but I still...

(3/19/05) ... recommend bookmarking my biodiary.htm page cus I'll take my home page down for update at some point!!! All the noise with not action :( sorry! It's lame! I appreciate *your* patience :) I'll have more "candies" on this site soon :: l8r xoxo love @llenina

<< ...about to pull a pink "Paris Hilton" *_*

Chinese Radio   - I'll be doing the interview in Mandarin/Cantonese *o* eeeeeee auchhhhh

(1/15/05) I'm scheduled for a live interview on February 9th, 2005... detail information to come :)

1370AMKWRM - I did it in Mandarin for bout an hour! Didn't know I could speak it straight for that long ^_^  Kudos to me!!!!!

Who that? Looking so fucking wholesome! She's ugly.

NOTE - my home page'll be down starting the end of January 2005...

I highly recommend bookmarking my biodiary.htm page if you fancy access to all other pages on my site!!! My home page will be unavailable for about 2 weeks. Whewww...Thank you for your patience! I'll have more goodies on this site soon :: l8r

January 2005 (craig took these pics of me after we went clubbing at the Concord, Hollywood! do i look drunk? he he :P)

* * *   .           .      my Wish List **   .  *            .. * *.

(12/2/04) ...Prada bag, Ann Coulter's How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must), Ballet Workout DVD... whew, 40 something items, so many! Aren't you going to read it Santa?

Meet Me Live in Person - at the AsianModelPalooza V on11/20/2004

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(added 12/13/04)

at AMP V fooling flashlights intended on Asian females!!!!  
(photos by Goldie Dewitt of 1Down Magazine

My 1st Super 8 Short Film Installation - at Trans/Giving on11/14/2004

also see previous sighting

Come celebrate the First Anniversary of Trans/Giving, a unique, award-winning series that showcases the immense talent of transgender/genderqueer/intersex artists in Los Angeles and everywhere else we can find.

Trans/Giving happens Sunday, November 14, 2004 6:30 pm. (Doors open 6pm)
Fiesta Hall in Plummer Park, located at 1200 N. Vista St., West Hollywood, CA (parking is available at 7377 Santa Monica Blvd. near Santa Monica and Martel).

National Lampoon's Lost Reality - a spoof on the Bachelorette...

also see previous sighting

(10/04/04) on AVN news

“From the people who brought you Animal House, Van Wilder & Vacation comes a hilariously twisted look at today's hottest television phenomenon reality television. The wardrobes malfunction on purpose as we present a series of TV pilots so outrageous and controversial that TV networks wouldn't dare air them. The entire program gives new meaning to the words "Reality TV." One of the episodes is He Said, She Said - For these unsuspecting guys, dating is hard enough. But that won't stop our hunks from trying to woo one wonderful woman (Allenina)...or is she?” (back box cover)

It is “... a version of "The Bachelorette" with a less elegant letdown for the loser." (

As far as I know, the people behind the camera are geniuses. They shot the "less elegant letdown" in a very similar frame that inspired The Graduate's notoriety. One rad, hot cinematic moment gets officially lampooned!!!! ;)           

  - I am on this Saturday night, July 24th, 2004!

My Saturday night life goes live on The Dr. Susan Block Show! Check me out!!! And check out Dr. Susan Block's library too...

Post Show (07/27/04) They took some really pretty pictures of moi:

Meet Me Live in Person - at the Internetmodelpalooza Festival on 07/17/2004

Direct Zoomable Map Click !
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I'll have my own table there (like a signing booth of sort). You are of course very welcome to come to my table, chitchat with me and collect my info, given that I am free and not busy selling items [ e.g. Magazines, DVDs, CDs, Polaroids, 8 X 10s, even running a raffle for prizes ], giving lap dances and behaving badly with other fans and their girlfriends, boyfriends and/or wives. I'll, though, do my best to give you all the time you deserve for coming down to meet me. I think this is gonna be fun even though it's my first time there and I'll be the only transsexual girl in the club. But what the hack, we are all girls right? Judging by the ways they run the event, it seems like models have a lot of flexibility in their space. (Scoop: I heard that this event attracts the party young crowds, ' bet it's gonna be drunken wild.) So if you are in town and down, come join the fun!!!! Remember it's ONE NIGHT ONLY, Still Camera OK but No Video Camera's allowed. More FAQ and ***Tickets*** info! 

I am selling the followings (w/ autograph):
8 X 10s

(detail in SHOP)
Lap Dances
Body Prints
(detail in SHOP)
TV Epic Magazines (detail in SHOP)
1. Asian She-Male Gang Bang DVDs
2. She-Male Face Cream 3 DVDs
3. She-Male Strokers DVDs
4. Butt Surfing She-Male DVDs
(note: if items are currently available on my site, I'll sell them at a lower price at the show!)

Talent Info Sheet
Hosts: Juli Ashton and Tiffany Granath

photographed by Tyler C.)
Your show date is: MAY 5 , 2004
Your call time: 11 :45 am
The topic for the day is: various
Feel free to tell your friends and fans to call in to the show 1(800) 359-8100
Show can be heard by XM radio owners subscribing to
Playboy Radio - Channel 205 between the hours of 3pm and 7pm PST.
Visit for more information.

New YaWk - Friday April 30th ~ Monday May 3rd

I am coming to New Yorrrk to check out the the Whitney Biennial Exhibition. I've been dying to see the show since I was a funky plucky art kid in college. Maybe one day I'll be one of the participating artists???

Got my flight itinerary! So the only dilemma I have is that I can't decide if I should stay in Sherry-Netherland Hotel or Ian Schrager's boutique hotel Hudson?

Post NY (5/13/04) Sherry Netherland was beyond sweet. The room was huuuge. I felt like a rock star ... and was totally tempted to glue the furniture upside down on the ceiling!!!!!!!!!!! Though I didn't see the likes of Iggy or Bowie, my hotel-mates are bitch'nly mixed with either Bergdorf blondes and their ATMs or Birkin25-claded flinty old hags (my future) and their urban-aristocratic male counterparts. The service was flawless to boot. Fuck boutique hotels and trendy hipsters - all they have are style, youth, beauty and very small rooms!

photographed by Craig P.     

U know what I did last Spring on 3/20/04 in San Francisco?

(added on November 7th 2004)

I jointed a beauty pageant, the 2004 Model Search, in San Francisco. Since I am a rare tall Asian woman, that was kinda my glamorous, therapeutic way of coming out of the height closet!!!! Well, I finished a bionic loser. Ha ha... (That's sooooo not how I planned it!) But I had fun. And I was creative - my costumes for the 3 segments of choreographed runway competition were loosely inspired by the 80s, 50s and modern punk couture respectively. Winning or losing in the public eyes doesn't really bother me anymore, well, especially since I've been living in the public eyes for such a long time. It's sooooooo not the end of the world and I went on to many shows afterwards for being who I am and still a Model citizen!!!! 



Punk Couture...

...that's what my blue top says!


San_/\/\/\_Francisco - Friday March 19th  ~ Sunday 21st, Hotel Diva

Any suggestions? Any cool new establishments I shouldn't miss? Bars, funky stores, museums, art galleries, the new mayor's office, blah, blah, blah... email me

Performance (nude reading) Installation -

Friday, February 13th, 2004 at 7:30 at the Hollywood Recovery Center at 6838 Sunset Blvd., LA CA 90028.
I've done this reading installation before at ADL bookstore (see previous sighting). But I've added new elements into this one. If you've seen the first one and are planning to see this one, let me know what you think of the additions!! Thanks!   

Trans/Giving: A bimonthly celebration of trans/genderqueer/intersex artists    

Zen and the Art of Fellatio vol.2 - an all-Asian porn series directed by D. A. C.

Production stills from Zen!                                           Note: I lust after the lighting!

National Lampoon's He Said, She Said - a spoof on the Bachelorette...
I knew some of the crew members there as I had already worked with them on the Showtime series. However, the scenario was totally different this round. I got upset when they asked me to pee standing up. Even though it was meant to be funny, I felt, given the context of the scenario, it was dangerous to perpetuate/associate gender portrayal with biological function ( i.e. I pee standing up doesn't make me a "man" = my sex & biological function does not define my gender). I refused and offered alternatives!!

Most part though, I had a lot fun!

8/11/2004 I just found out today that I have had the wrong info on this project since, what, day one?? It has nothing to do with National Lampoon Network. It is still National Lampoon something sompthang somp'n but definitely not NETWORK. Anywhoooo, my segment will be part of a pilot series coming out on DVD this coming September to stores such as Tower Records, etc. Another story to add in my Curriculum Vitae & to tell my grandchildren about :)

Showtime - in an episode of the reality tv series Family Business......
watch video clip and get PREVIOUS EPISODES schedule

I believe the episode I am in was premiered on
Friday, February 13th 2004 at 11pm
SheMaleYum - is this my valedictory video? (I am writing a press release on this one!)

6/30/2004 No I haven't finished the official press release yet, though it's somewhat along the line of me not doing any more adult productions for any other companies accept for my own. However I do allow a few exceptions e.g. my friends' productions, productions with too-good-to-be-true publicity for me to refuse, and well ... knock on the wood, a badass bankruptcy. Here's a little press on the subject from AVN's July 2004 video review on Butt Surfing Shemales.

34B, 26, 36 - (rap) feelin oh so sexy with my brand-new boobies... they r gonna take u higher than Manhattan's rents cus they ain't fugly

Got my boob job on 6/19/2003! I am now 34B (full B or a small C). Body sculpturing is fart... I mean... art! Oh, I forget to mention that I've named them Britney (right) and Christina (left)...... 

Posing and brushing my teeth in the bathroom, and my cell-cam just happened to be there! (7/27/2003)
 This one added

A Different Light Bookstore - this Thursday
I'll stage my reading installation at ADLBbookstore's West Hollywood Store (I bought some of my reading materials there a long long time ago for my graduate level gender and sexuality course) 8853 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069 Tel: 310.854.6601 - 

Thursday, June 12th @ 7:00pm

In celebration of West Hollywood's Official Transgender Awareness Week, A Different Light Bookstore hosts a night of Transgender Readings and Performance >>>click here for more on ADLBookstore

O Canada - did a little interview with a Canadian TV crew
at where I work AIM HealthCare Foundation! It was an interview about the foundation and Miss Sharon Mitchell.

PS working your brain on Canada jokes? Ha I actually searched the internet for them... What's this whole thing about the Back Bacon?

Issue #107 (May) of TS Swing -

TS Swing is a monthly Transsexual Adult Publication! I am one of the featured girls in May.



  - I am on this Saturday, April 12th, 2003!

My Saturday night life goes live on The Dr. Susan Block Show! Check me out!!! And check out Dr. Susan Block's library too...

A.I.: Allenina Intelligence is being featured at!

Just found out my geeky little vignette "A.I.: Allenina Intelligence (or read from UT Austin's pan Asian queer page)” is being featured (in March) on in their News&Events FEATURE section! 


TGConnect is a really savvy business site and neatly designed to boot! Go tg!



Ts Porn Star = Muse - Year 2003!

My personae has inspired a Los Angeles based writer, Virtual_XX, to write a pseudo-real-life supporting character based on me! Check out my debut as 'myself' prismed thought someone else's interpretation and imagination on in Part 13 titled The Greatest Lie!


Virtual has approached his protagonist the same way as Arthur Golden did with his Sayuri in Memoirs of a Geisha which is a piece of well-researched period literary impersonation. Of course, Virtual's protagonist lives in the modern time and is said to be a "frustrated fashionista"! Ha, jiggy!!?


I am a just a Spice girl  - Allenina on Spice Channel!

I did a nonsexual cameo not too long ago in a str8 video feature - Proof of Sex written by porn veteran director Henri Pachard. The director told me that the video was going to be shown on Spice Channel, and that would make me the first ts to be seen in the Spice world. Voiiiila!


It's called Proof of Sex on Spice Channel but released as Sextrocity on video!


The Center of the World - The advent of my naked movements...

Remember the 2001 flick The Center of the World by Wayne Wang? Remember the icy cool actress? Remember the occupation of her character in the flick?


I am stripping once or twice a month at Peanuts, Club 7969, on Friday night, cover is $10, 18 years and over - 7969 Santa Monica Bl, West Hollywood/Los Angeles. I'll announce my performance date in my yahoo group, cum join my joint! features Asian female beauties. I am proud to be inducted!
This exotic blowjob heavyweight is powered by an ultra-talented friend of mine D.A.C.. Although it is under construction, its future is already budding with promises - find out why in the NEWS session. You will see me on the NEWS page too. Take my mouth, I mean, my words for it!


My kinda tease or just dry language barrier? - My interview with The China Press...

Well, I will be darn impressed if you can read the article (published on Nov 12, 2002) below!

The piece is sentimentalized. A Chinese 20/20 with Barbara Walter? The reporter from The China Press, a Chinese-language newspaper that circulates around the country, is, however, no Barbara Walter. She's nerdy, prepared, professional, young and beautiful who oozes no hints of sentimentality au contraire to Miss BarbaraWaWa. We talked Qwan Yin (a traditional Chinese folk deity) and pornography only sentences apart. Sentimentality as a style seems to be adopted universally in imparting anything untold or unconventional and levitating & baffling people's believes! Inanely significant and curiously ambitious!



THE Sex Column  - I am a sex columnist @!
My column is in the member session only. However, I will post my monthly columns here 2/3 months after each initial monthly publication. I've done 2 columns so far! The first one is basically an introduction. While in the second one, I did an interview with porn babe Sabrina G, an Argentinean import. I will post them in the Writer's mere. 


Oops! Another encounter - with Simply Gorgeous Magazine. *Coming soon.*
Coming Encounter - my 1st encounter with Cult Movies Magazine. *Coming soon.*
Sneak Peek below was posted before aMagazine discontinued publication in March 2002! I decided to leave it the way it is because I had spent time and valuable brain juice doing the interview with aMagazine, so it's worth the exposure. BTW, due to the discontinuation, I won't get paid for my writing effort! Damn it!

Nevertheless, my best wishes go to all aMagazine staff. I hope they find new home soon.

Sneak Peek  - my interview with aMagazine is coming soon in April 2002.

“…I sent my pictures to a production company and got my first gig. The rest was history. It was an adventure for me. I did everything imaginable in order to explore my own sexuality. ‘Tri-sexual’ is a term that many porn players use to describe one who tries everything sexual. I had fun playing in every scenario - usually with a very bad plot…Pornography is an innovative medium. If done right, it could be a great art form connotes more than its intended vulgarity…One of them is called The Asian She-Male Gang Bang. I wrote, starred and directed in it, kind of like a porn version of one of Cindy Sherman’s self-portraits…I felt the need to cross over this year. I've been in the porn industry for about 3 years now. Adult performing is not the only thing I can be good at.” >>>>>>click here

Bcc: I was out doing Community Services with APAIT for one whole year. By the time the article comes out, I am back in the porn industry and working at AIM Foundation. The interview was done in October 2001.



In bits, bytes and pieces
- (February 2003) Linked with Adult Industry powerhouse veteran director Henri Pachard

- (February 2003) me and music again @

- (December 2002) Newly listed at on their Star page!

- Do you know my second directorial effort titled Sernorita She-Male: An Allenina Study (shot in summer 2000) was nominated under Best Transsexual Tape in 2001 AVN Awards Nominations?

- [] check out my site review in AVNonline Magazine June 2002 issue.

- - I am listed there on their Adult Stars page! []

- []

- Allenina. "A.I.: Allenina Intelligence." TV Epic Magazine Apr. 2001: 10-13. *Also see BODY HEAT & WRITER'S CUT below.*

- [] Site of a pan Asian queer-straight alliance at UT Austin. *Also see WRITER'S CUT  below*

- "Why don't we see more Asian Americans on TV?" KoreAm Journal Nov. 2001: 43. []

- I am in Transformation Magazine issues #33, #34 and #35 (on cover).
Bcc: In some Bits & Pieces, you will get to know my daily self - H. W.! 


MTV Butterfly

See me grooving in Macy Gray’s music video ‘Sexual Revolution!’

(December 2002) Finally, I get to see the video the first time! It was shot around Fall 2001. Now they are showing the entire video at Go to the NEWS/E-MAIL frame, scroll down, and then buffer Sexual Revolution on windowsmedia! I was in my blue Issey Miyake pleated spaghetti-strapped top. Why bother to mention? I took it off anyway!



A.I.M. - Adult Industry Medical HealthCare Foundation


If you are health-conscious in Los Angeles, how can you not be sexual health-conscious? It's so beyond trendy... ;)

Health for the sex worker in Body, Mind, Emotion, and Spirit! I've been certified as a phlebotomy technician. Come get your PCR/DNA test! A.I.M. is open to the open-minded general public.

Thank you Dr. Sharon Mitchell and A.I.M. for giving me the LAP/LAS Scholarship Fund to further my education in desktop publishing in Spring 2003!


more Allenina below......





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1.  Sexy dancer or model anyone?

       a. Naughty but (barely) legal Lap dance, Private dance, Couch dance... ? email
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**Lap Dance SPECIALS**
Due to very popular demand, I'll keep offering this specials until...well who knows ^_^


[$100 for 3 songs]



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[$1000 for one night's private dance-athon]


Please check my schedule (below) first before contacting me!

my current schedule:

monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday sunday
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           (Please do not inquire about any ESCORT services :: lap dances only :: I don't think I overcharge my lap dances.

                This is what "Features" charge (or more) at regular strip clubs!!!! And since this is my site, of course I am the

                featured dancer ^_^ But I can guarantee my lap dances are very very sexy  ;)


       b. Go Go Dancer at your clubs (if u own 1 that is ^_^)? [current go-go dancer professional rate] book me


       c. It'll be totally hawt if I'm in Playboy, Maxim, FHM, S.I., Agent Provocateur, Victoria's Secret & many others!
           Modeling's cool! book me for a shoot [professional rate / exchange of services]



 2. Wanna smell me? Own a pair of my panties + a polaroid of me wearing them! [$55] + $8 S&H

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   1. Asian She-Male Gang Bang [$40 $30] DVDs + $8 S&H

My most controversial performance to date. I directed and starred in it. It's action packed.
At the end of the shoot, I felt more like an Action Hero than a Porn Star. Plus it features the
first Tranny Double Anal. Voila! That's what I call pornography... (my pre-boob job, fauxies era)  

2. She-Male Face Cream #3 [$40 $30] DVDs + $8 S&H

I directed this one. Heavyweight blowjob produce - girls blow guy, guy blow girls, cum on a few
faces! I had a little fantasy story to go with the shoot, but the company screwed up the editing
(they didn't care about my story). At the end, it's just like any other sex tape. I shot most of it though.
I thought you might enjoy some of the close-up blowjob angle. BTW, I also shot all the pictures on the

box. (pre-boob job, natural small tits)        

3. She-Male Strokers [$40 $30] DVDs + $8 S&H

As indicated by the title of the series, it's all about girls stroking 'it' and cum.
I had fun being followed by the camera walking down the street in a
soccer-moms-won't-let their-kids-go-anywhere-near-you outfit. I took Viagra for this shoot.
I think!!! The brief introduction about me on the backside of the box came verbatim from me.

(pre-boobies, more visible natural small tits)  

4. Butt Surfing She-Male [$40 $30] DVDs + $8 S&H

Shot by the ohh-soooo beyond adorable ShemaleYum Team. There were actually two guys
behind the camera. I wanted to do them both, but it was meant to be one man's point of view
only, soooooo... I thought my performance was mediocre, but it was an very intimate
experience between the camera and, myself, the model. I think you would enjoy it. 
I also announced in it that this project was my last porn project... Well, never say never!!??
But I got to use the word valedictory (or did I say valedictorian??) and
that made me feel like a good porn graduate. It's all worth it after all.   


Step 1 : Email me ( with your items of choice
Step 2 : send Money Order
(for all internet inquiries) & make payable to

:: ::

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(that's my postal box address)

Donations are always welcome :)
in supporting my active endeavors as an independent artist/entrepreneur!
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*Shipping time varies.* Generally will ship within 1 to 7 days after receiving payment in full. Add $8.00 for Shipping and Handling within the States. Buyers outside the States will pay exact S&H


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Dare Me


Wanna dare me to do one of these:

 - Golf

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 - Surfing (next summer? Hawaii? Oh, Gucci surfboard? No, no, no, it's Marc Jacobs surfboard now!!!)

 - Dining (one of Zagat's) 

 - Shopping

 - Marriage... ... ...

   On a whim, how about dashing off to the following boroughs in a private jet?

 - Hawaii

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You have read some of them! Now read the Writer's Cut! Read the articles the way they are meant to be read by moi…
- “A.I.: Allenina Intelligence” completed with footnotes. []

- The Interview in Transformation #34 (same as the interview in TVEpic) - my answer to the question “What is your least favorite word?” was Cartesian (not Courtesan) before the printing error!

- “Ultra-Feminine Monologue” was written a long time ago. It has never been published but totally fun to read! Be my editor, let me know what you think! >>>>>>click here

- “Asian Baroque” in all its original glory! >>>>>>click here

- The Interview  with aMagazine before the editor’s table… >>>>>>click here



My pussycat ‘Self’ has a few gender  questions for you:


Meow... Meow… Do you travel! What will they call my owner in Thailand? What about in Hawaii? In Latin America? In American Indian Culture?

Scratch…Scratch…It's easier for me to write acronyms! What do MTF (or M2F) and FTM (or F2M) stand for? Meow… (Stretching) Was Theodore Roosevelt really a crossdresser? Meow… Meow…

I am gonna take a nap. Later!

E-meow Me




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